A fresh start with yoga in Majorca

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt older than you actually are? Then you know you have to take some action. Treat yourself to some ‘me time’! Why not make a fresh start and spend time with the Sardinia Yoga team in Majorca? Writes Yvette-Marie Solem

Breathe the fresh sea air, look out at nature’s beauty and listen to the birds while you are doing outdoor yoga at Cala d’Or on the Spanish island of Majorca. It’s like a positive natural medicine when you are fed up with all the stresses of every day life and need a time out.

The yoga sessions are held from 8am to 10am every morning. With good company the time really flies.

A light breakfast then yoga

You start the day with a light breakfast to raise your blood sugar. The groups are small, which help ensure a personalised experience. You will be with like-minded souls also wanting to make changes in their lives.

The yoga teacher goes around correcting the poses, so you get the maximum out of each stretch.

The feeling after each two hour session is unbelievable. It means a positive start to the day, something that is noticeable throughout.

Yoga class in Croatia. Photo courtesy of Sardinia Yoga.

Yoga class in Croatia. Photo courtesy of Sardinia Yoga.

The benefits of yoga

There are many benefits to doing yoga. Here are six that I noticed:

I live a busy life and found that yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety, giving me a sense of calmness. For me, attending a yoga class is making a commitment to step away from mental stress.

Yoga has helped me to lose weight and tone up, something I think is a great bonus.

Improved flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of yoga. In the beginning I struggled to touch my toes and to do a backbend. I stuck with it and gradually noticed that I was loosening up and could achieve poses that were, at first, impossible.

Posture says a lot about your personality and how your joints and muscles are working. Yoga can improve your posture and help make you look good. Poor posture can cause back, neck and other muscular problems.

Weight-bearing exercise strengthen bones and help to ward off osteoporosis. Several yoga postures require that you lift your own weight. Some, like the downward- and upward-facing dog, help strengthen the arms, which are particularly vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures.

Yoga helps increase your blood flow. The relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Participating in yoga gets more oxygen to your cells, which will function better as a result.

The yoga deck at Sardinia Yoga in Sardinia. Photo courtesy of Sardinia Yoga.

The yoga deck at Sardinia Yoga in Sardinia. Photo courtesy of Sardinia Yoga.

Staying with Sardinia Yoga

I have always been fascinated about yoga girls who do those incredible and elegant poses. A few days by the beach with Sardinia Yoga gave me the motivation I needed to develop my yoga from practising several times a week to every day.

Sardinia Yoga holds yoga classes in Sardinia and Croatia, in additon to on Majorca.

Sardinia Yoga is different from many other yoga retreats because you stay at a four-star beachfront hotel and can come and go as you please (their minimum stay is three nights and there is yoga every morning).

They are open from April to November. There is always a sociable group of yogis and, additionally, plenty of opportunities to relax and read a book in the shade on the beach.

As I found, a yoga holiday really can change your life.

Yoga session in Majorca. The child's pose is a way to rest between postures Photo by Yvette-Marie Solem.

Yoga session in Majorca. The child’s pose is a way to rest between postures. Photo by Yvette-Marie Solem.

About the author

Yvette-Marie Solem is a travel journalist from Oslo, Norway. She works for Norway’s oldest travel magazine, Reiseliv. Her passions in life are travelling, photography, architecture and yoga. She regularly posts content to Instagram.

Jacqui and Julie from London doing the warrior pose during a yoga session in Majorca. Photo by Yvette-Marie Solem.

Jacqui and Julie, both from London, doing the warrior pose during a yoga session in Majorca. Photo by Yvette-Marie Solem.

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