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This lifestyle website reviews of products, services and places that we believe provide a blend of the inspirational, the aspirational and the achievable.

Our audience is primarily men aged between 25 and 50, though, of course, we have readers who are younger, older and female. We welcome everybody to browse MannedUp.com.

Why are we writing for a readership of males aged from 25 to 50 you might ask? The answer is simple, that’s the demographic the mannedup.com team understands and knows best.

We want to promote things that enhance and bring joy to people’s lives. That’s why we’ll be bringing you reviews of:

  • Stylish and practical clothing and accessories
  • Footwear suitable for occasions ranging from a stylish night out, through physical work to winter hiking trips
  • Gifts and gadgets that fellas will enjoy receiving and using
  • Male grooming products – items at will enhance the appearance and aroma of the hard working modern man
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Cookery tips and recipes
  • Suggestions regarding quality drinks, ingredients and kitchen products
  • Travel equipment – kit that’ll prove useful and impress mates while out on the road
  • Destination and hotel reviews – ideas to enjoy alone, with a partner or with the family
  • Experiences – sometimes we need a nudge to try a spa, an adventure activity or simply to lie back in luxury and spend a long weekend recharging our batteries. A change is as good as a rest
  • Entertainment – what’s life without music, a good film or a trip to the theatre?

Why choose the domain name ‘MannedUp.com’ you might be asking? The answer is simple. When faced with a challenge we’re often told to ‘man up’ and face up to the harsh reality of a crunch situation. ‘Manning up’ can mean making stark choices, being brave, enduring a challenge and pushing one’s self to the absolute limit. Some see it as being tough, rough and ready.

Simply being a man in the modern world can be a challenging. We’re faced with ever changing pressures and expectations that mean simply getting through life requires us to ‘man up’.

Maybe we need to celebrate our ability to make choices. Sometimes improving our appearance, trying something new or even a little thing like making a change to what we eat and drink can improve our self-worth. Getting hold of a nice piece of kit or jetting off to somewhere new can be just what we need to win kudos and feel good about ourselves.

We hope MannedUp.com will provide suggestions and ideas that’ll prove rewarding.

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