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View of the Castelfalfi championship golf course with Castelfalfi castle in Italy. Photo © Peter Ellegard.

Golf at Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

The curving, cobbled main street of terracotta-roofed townhouses leads to an 8th century castle standing tall on a rock promontory and dominating the evocative Tuscan countryside.

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A humpback whale in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.

5 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint

All of us can act and take small steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and consequently assist in saving our planet.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

6 super reasons to visit Canada

Here’s a look at six super reasons to visit Canada. View landscapes and wildlife Canada’s national parks Parks Canada administers the country’s marine conservation areas, national historic sites and national parks. From Alberta’s Banff National Park, the oldest in the country, to Yukon’s Kluane National Park and Reserve, the home […]

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Yang Guang, the male giant panda in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

6 easy photography tips for better travel images

Tips for photography don’t always need to be technical. We’ve talked to six professional photographers to source easy photography tips for beginners and intermediate-level photographers.

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Clothing & accessories

A Boston Blue Fido flat cap delivered by the Trendhim e-commerce website, which features accessories and jewellery for men.

Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim

Hipsters played a key role in rejuvenating the reputation of the flat cap. Now nobody looks twice —other, perhaps, than in admiration — when a fashionably attired flat cap-wearing man walks his pet pug to the local pub to drink craft beer and dine on pulled pork or its vegan equivalent.

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You'll find plenty of Nature and wildlife documentaries to view too.

TV series to binge watch during the coronavirus lockdown

Television can be educational. If you like the idea of using the coronavirus lockdown to learn about various aspects of the world, watch the documentary series Explained on Netflix.

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A red rose on Valentine's Day.

Celebrating St Valentine’s Day

Thank goodness for Google on days like today. I learnt that Valentine’s Day originated as the feast day of St Valentine, who was martyred in Rome in the third century. Apparently, the 14th February was first celebrated as St Valentine’s Day in 496.

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Food & Drink

Facade of the Alpine chalet at BijoFARM at Fusch, Austria. The farm is organic.

Tastes to savour in Salzburgerland, Austria

Consider reserving a table at Vitus Cooking to sample one of the surprise tasting menus prepared by chef Vitus Winkler and his team. Typically ranging from between four- (€95) to seven-courses (€175) the tasting menus include herbs foraged from nearby streams, woodland and forests. The dishes served provide insights into the land and its culinary heritage.

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Travel Writing

Hilary Bradt

Inside Travel Writing: An interview with Hilary Bradt

In the olden days – and I speak as someone in her late 70s – all books and articles were carefully edited and only good writing got into print. Now that self-publishing and unedited blogging is within everyone’s reach, there is a tendency to believe ‘I travel therefore I write’.

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Rick McGinnis, a photogragrapher from Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

An interview with photographer Rick McGinnis

I still have a list, which includes people from that original list (including Iggy Pop, Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno and John Cooper Clarke), ones I’ve added since (such as Jarvis Cocker and Jackie Stewart) or have become fascinated with recently (including Dolly Parton and David Hockney).

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