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TV series to binge watch during the coronavirus lockdown

Television can be educational. If you like the idea of using the coronavirus lockdown to learn about various aspects of the world, watch the documentary series Explained on Netflix.

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The Anarchy Acarde is within a barn at Lintz Hall Farm near Burnopfield in north-east England.

Psycho Path presents Fear Ground: North East England’s pre-Halloween scream park

Psycho City is set in a post-apocalyptic emergency. Oil drums bearing biohazard symbols, strobe lighting and warning messages created an eerie, deliberately uncomfortable vibe. Masked actors in emergency suits moved among blood-smeared emergency rooms and vandalised abandoned homes. It’s well executed.

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Robert Ellison

Creatives in Focus: Robert Ellison, London-based musician

Robert Ellison is a musician based in north London. His work has been featured on television. He describes his creative oeuvre as, “a dark electro cinematic fusion of dub grooves with soulful melodies” and talks with MannedUp about his work. He bangs the drums Robert initially tapped his musical talent […]

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Cover of 'A Place Called Winter' by Patrick Gale.

Book review – A Place Called Winter

Patrick Gale’s novel, A Place Called Winter, is set during the early 20th century, concluding shortly after World War One comes to a close. It tells the tale of Harry Cane, who emigrates from England to Canada. That’s a name which sounds familiar to modern football fans. It has, of […]

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