Clothing & accessories

A Boston Blue Fido flat cap delivered by the Trendhim e-commerce website, which features accessories and jewellery for men.

Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim

Hipsters played a key role in rejuvenating the reputation of the flat cap. Now nobody looks twice —other, perhaps, than in admiration — when a fashionably attired flat cap-wearing man walks his pet pug to the local pub to drink craft beer and dine on pulled pork or its vegan equivalent.

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Grooming & care

Glistening with Nivea's Urban Skin Detox Mask, which can be peeled off when it dries.

Facial cleansing and detoxing with Nivea

Do you look after your skin effectively? Sunlight, pollution and everyday dirt can take their toll —particularly on our faces, which are exposed for much of the day. Effective cleansing and moisturising with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) help to protect against ultraviolet (UV) B rays and keep us looking […]

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Grooming & care

Mouth and teeth of a woman smiling during National Smile Month.

National Smile Month

It’s unlikely that any Brushathon event held during the 2019 National Smile Month will match the enormous number of people who brushed their teeth simultaneously at Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salavador on 5 November 2007: 13,380 individuals participated. That’s a communal polishing for 428,160 teeth — assuming that everyone had all 32 of their adult set

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Grooming & care

Nivea Men exfoliating face scrub, Active Clean shower gel and Night Regenerator.

Waking up and feeling fresh

Who doesn’t despise those mornings during which you feel a tad jaded and take an age to get going? Maybe that’s because of one pint too many the night before or simply because of a busy, stressful working week. A bit of bathroom ‘me time’, to primp and preen, can go a long way to getting into the groove of the day and making a positive first impression to the world outside.

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Gifts & gadgets

The MannedUp Christmas Gift Guide includes board games, gin, books, a Nivea toiletries gift set, a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and Tag Heuer watch.

Christmas gift guide

Men are notoriously tricky to buy presents for at Christmas. Here’s a gift guide that provides a few handy gift suggestions.

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Grooming & care

A Cornerstone razor plus shaving products.

Cornerstone shaving and skin products

Cornerstone is a shaving subscription and delivery service that also supplies quality skin care products. In April the company launched a new razor which they recently sent to Manned Up to review, along with a cross-section of their products. Disclosure: Manned Up was sent Cornerstone products for review purposes. There […]

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Grooming & care

Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser is designed to moisturise skin and protect from the discomfort of dryness. This moisturising cream comes in a compact, 75ml tube. The hand-sized, navy blue tube can slip easily into coat pockets, sports bags and, should you need it throughout the day, a drawer in your […]

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Grooming & care

Dove Men + Care Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm

Dove Men + Care Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm

The Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm is part of Dove Men + Care’s Expert Shave range of skincare and male grooming products. Disclosure: Some of the links below — marked with (£) — are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make […]

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Grooming & care

Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream

Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream

Feeling wizened and dry? Maybe Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream can help. Always aiming to present the MannedUp team as fresh and bright, we picked up a 50ml jar of Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream while it was on special offer at our local chemist. A couple of big nights […]

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Grooming & care

L'Oréal Men Expert Post-Shave Balm.

L’Oréal Men Expert Post-Shave Balm

Non-greasy and easily absorbed, it features the L’Oréal Men range’s 24-hour hydrating formula and is designed to soothe razor burn.

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