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Please get in touch if you represent a product, a service or a destination that you would like to see on the pages of We welcome you reaching out to us.

If you have an advertising or product placement query you might find it useful to a look under our Advertise page.

Readers’ comments and suggestions

If you’re a reader/user of our site and you would like to see us doing something different then by all means get in touch. We’d love your feedback as really do want to meet our readers’ needs and expectations.

Likewise, if you have a suggestion about something you’d love to see reviewed on then please send us a message. We’ll do what we can to make it happen. Fresh ideas are always welcome.

You might also have critical feedback about functionality, performance and content of this site. We want you to enjoy your visit to, so if anything isn’t working properly or you see something we could be doing better, please let us know. The devil is in the detail and we really would prefer to hear these things.

We strive for perfection but sometimes a typo might slip past the eyes of our highly trained editorial team. Automated spell checks sometimes make unexpected suggestions and humans get tired (even the hard working, caffeine-fuelled wordsmiths of Please contact us if you spot errors.

Editorial contact

If you want to contact the regarding editorial content for the site then please send an email to our editor:

mannedup2015 @

We’re always happy to hear from prospective writers and content providers.

If you’re a blogger and want to pitch an idea for a guest post then we’ll be more than happy to take a look at your suggestion.

Sending post to

Our head office is located at the following postal address:

6 Raby Drive

East Herrington


Tyne and Wear


United Kingdom

If you’d prefer to write us a letter or to send comments on the back of a postcard in preference to an email then feel free to do so.

Contacting MannedUp by telephone

In urgent cases, you might want to get hold of us by telephone. Call us on 0191 645 0885 if you’re in the United Kingdom. Please ring us on +44 191 645 0885  if you’re outside the country.

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