Celebrating St Valentine’s Day

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Celebrating St Valentine’s Day this year? Or is getting through 14th February something you find a chore?

Some people plan big romantic acts and special date nights. Many couples around the world will end the day engaged.

And then there’s the folk who’ll be staying in and doing nothing special.

Red roses are often associated with Valentine’s Day

St Valentine of Rome

Thank goodness for Google on days like today. I learnt that Valentine’s Day originated as the feast day of St Valentine, who was martyred in Rome in the third century. Apparently, the 14th February was first celebrated as St Valentine’s Day in 496.

I also discovered that in addition to being the patron saint of engaged couples, St Valentine is, it seems, the saint that beekeepers and epilepsy sufferers should to pray to.

Of course, the day is now commonly associated with romance and being together with someone special.

The pressure of Valentine’s Day?

Some people perceive a high degree of societal pressure to conform around Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to explaining why Valentine’s Day seems bigger than ever, some people inevitably point their fingers towards social media. Yet social media reflects its users. Couldn’t you therefore argue that there really is more interest than ever in the day?  

Even more than is normally the case, some single folk feel alone and pressure to find a partner in the run up to the 14th February.  

And for people who are already in relationships there’s a degree of pressure to be particularly romantic. That might mean treating a partner to a gift or inviting them out on a special date.

Yet for those of us who are avid foodies, booking a table for two in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day may mean paying over the odds for a ‘special’ romantic menu…when all we really want is our favourite dish in the company of the person we care about most.

Interpreting Valentine’s Day

In my view, the 14th of February is just another day. There’s no pressure to give a card, gift or head out for a meal. That said, doing exactly that is fair enough if you really want to.

If you want to show love and affection on Valentine’s Day, why not? But nobody should feel pressured by others.

Surely Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about big gestures? I’m glad that my partner has a relaxed approach to it. Ultimately, the day is a great reason for togetherness. But if either of us has to work on the evening of the 14th February we don’t see it as the end of the world.

Rather than celebrating one special day, I think it’s far more romantic to show appreciation for my partner in small ways throughout the year. That occasionally means getting up early to cook her a special breakfast. It might entail buying her favourite sweets every now and again. I might even take her out for a little treat in town but it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the 14th February.

If I could travel through space and time I’d love to visit third century Rome and track down the man who became St Valentine. With a translation app (assuming they work when travelling into the past!) I’d like to ask him how he interprets love and what he’d expect of people on a feast day celebrating him.

No matter how he answered I think my interpretation of the day would remain unchanged. It’d be an excuse to crack open a bottle of wine, cook with my partner and then watch a film together. The togetherness being far more important than what we do or how we do it.

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How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

Got special plans for Valentine’s Day? Please feel welcome to leave a comment about what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be spending the day.

If you think it is the most romantic day of the year please don’t be shy in explaining why.

Whatever you’ll be doing on 14th February, have a great time.

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