Psycho Path presents Fear Ground: North East England’s pre-Halloween scream park

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Psycho Path presents Fear Ground is North East England’s pre-Halloween scream park.

Psycho Path presents Fear Ground was held at Lintz Hall Farm, near Burnopfield, on selected nights from 11 to 31 October 2019. The pre-Halloween scream park — the biggest in the region — features onstage entertainment, mazes with shocks, performances by spooky characters plus the presence of food and drink vendors.

Disclosure: Stuart Forster was invited to Psycho Path presents Fearground in order to write this article, which has not been reviewed or approved.

A red-eyed beast adorns the bar in the centre of the Anarchy Arcade.

Psycho Path presents Fear Ground

After checking in I was allocated a wristband and shown into the Anarchy Arcade, within a converted barn.

Local food and drink vendors were serving produce from trucks and stalls ranged around the arcade. The food being served included pizzas, Mediterranean dishes and sausages from the Geordie Banger Company.

Hatch 76 was selling duck wraps and loaded fries. Across the other side of the cavernous space Parm-O-Rama was preparing parmos.

Several vendors displayed signs that they took tokens rather than cash or card payments.

In addition to locally brewed beers, a selection of Halloween-themed cocktails were on sale. I spotted a menu listing the likes of Zombie’s Kiss, Satan’s Whiskers and non-alcoholic Flatline Fizz.

Entertainment within Anarchy Arcade

I headed to one of the sofas in front of the Anarchy Arcade stage to watch a magician accompanied by an assistant in burlesque costume. Rock music and a trapeze artist followed.

A woman with her hair in bunches, dressed like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, whacked a baseball bat off a table behind me. Along with a mad professor in a lab coat being dragged by one of his living experiments, she’s one of the quirky characters who provide entertainment in the Anarchy Arcade.

Fairground rides and attractions also feature but I decided to meander through a maze where clown-like characters popped out to spook us while we wandered.

Psycho Path and Psycho City  

We queued in the Anarchy Arcade to head outside to experience the other attractions that form key elements of Psycho Path by Fear Ground. We bumped across the farm in the unlit rear of a van, shown aboard by men in black ski masks.

Set among darkened woodland, the attractions struck me as suitably atmospheric and spooky. Actors brought the cleverly designed sets to life causing fellow members of the group to squeal and jump.  

Psycho City is set in a post-apocalyptic emergency. Oil drums bearing biohazard symbols, strobe lighting and warning messages created an eerie, deliberately uncomfortable vibe. Masked actors in emergency suits moved among blood-smeared emergency rooms and vandalised abandoned homes. It’s well executed.

I’d have liked to have photographed but the use of smartphones and cameras isn’t allowed, except within the Anarchy Arcade.

If you’re looking for a spooky pre-Halloween experience then you may well enjoy giving this a go. Be aware, it involves walking on uneven ground in darkness, so isn’t for everyone.

A peek inside Anarchy Arcade.

What to wear at Psycho Path presents Fear Ground

It makes sense to wear warm, casual clothing when you visit. Part of the attraction is set outdoors, so dress according to the weather with sturdy footwear.

In a couple of places you have to squeeze through obstacles, so it makes little sense to wear anything too smart.

If you have ideas about wearing a Halloween-related costume, don’t. Fancy dress is not permitted.

The Family Fright Fest

Psycho Path presents Fear Ground is aimed at adults. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in. Those aged between 13 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

However, Family Fright Fests, designed to be suitable for children of all ages, are being held on select days. The entertainment is being adapted to make it suitable for youngsters aged from one to 12. It includes magic shows, pumpkin carving and stage shows.

Unlike Psycho Path presents Fear Ground, fancy dress is encouraged at the Family Fright Fest with prizes for the best costumes.

Family passes are priced at £29 (plus a 1.50 booking fee) for two adult and two child tickets.

Getting to Lintz Hall Farm

Lintz Hall Farm is the venue for Psycho Path presents Fear Ground. The farm located off the B6310 near Burnopfield in Country Durham, about nine miles southwest of Newcastle.

Onsite parking is available for £2 per vehicle, which can be paid in cash at the site or bought online (subject to an additional £0.70 booking fee). Some of the parking is on fields with relatively long grass.

A Fear Ground wristband

Further information

See the Psycho Path website for further information about the event plus information on how to purchase tickets, which are priced from £27.

The clown and Parm-O-Rama photographs were supplied courtesy of Psycho Path presents Fear Ground.

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