The Black Farmer burgers and a barbecue

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Springtime means the buzz of lawnmowers, the scent of freshly cut grass plus mouth-watering wafts aromas of food cooking on barbecues. This summer, gluten-free burgers from The Black Farmer could be among the delicious dishes grilling over charcoal.

The range of fresh burgers are made with 100 per cent British beef. You can choose from regular beef burgers or beef and cheese burgers.

Pork and apple burgers are also available.

Burger with tomatoes and coleslaw.
Burger with tomatoes and coleslaw.

Time for a barbecue

Excited by the prospect of testing the burgers, the team divvied up the preparation. Brioche buns and bottles of beers were bought. A creamy coleslaw was prepared. Even a ketchup was made from scratch.

People were smiling, waiting for the first barbecue of the year to be lit.

Nobody, though, had checked the weather forecast. The heavens opened. Lightening flashed. The barbie was well and truly off.

Instead, we dug out a grill pan and, like true Brits in a crisis, muddled through. Admittedly, the wash out did cause one or two upper lips to quaver but the beef burgers were cooked, albeit not in the al fresco manner we’d originally intended.

The Black Farmer beef burgers frying in a grill pan.
The Black Farmer beef burgers frying in a grill pan.

The Black Farmer burgers proved tender and lightly seasoned. They raised the team’s spirit and were declared a success, despite the rain-dampened circumstances.

We enjoyed tucking into both types of beef burger. When it came to declaring a favourite there was a 50/50 split between the regular burgers and the beef and cheese variety.

Something for a rainy day.
Something for a rainy day.

Meat from the RSPCA Assured scheme

You might think cows have something of a raw deal. Who, ultimately, would want to be one?

Firstly, there’s your reputation to think of. Don’t forget, some people are trying to pin the wrap for global warming on cows and other livestock.

Not to put too fine a point on it, farting cows are each—on annual, every year—responsible for releasing a somewhere between 70 and 120 kilograms of methane into the atmosphere. (We’ve been monitoring individual outputs here at the office over the past week and, based upon our rudimentary calculations, that level far exceeds all but one of our team. However, we have reason to suspect that particular individual was recording his details incorrectly.)

And then, of course, you know that one day you’ll eventually get the chop. If that wasn’t the case, cows wouldn’t end up on our plates.

They may have to die, but none of us want animals to suffer from needless distress or any kind of cruelty.

It’s good to know that the meat used in The Black Farmer’s products come from a RSPCA Assured scheme. That means the farm, transport and abattoirs have been assessed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and comply with accepted standards for farm animal welfare.

Tender and succulent.
Tender and succulent.

About The Black Farmer

The Black Farmer is a Devon-based company with headquarters at St Giles on the Heath. The company produces a range of gluten-free products—including bacon, packaged chicken and several varieties of pork sausage.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, the company’s founder, grew up in Birmingham after entering the world in Jamaica. After spending his formative years in the city of the Bullring, Emmanuel-Jones eventually purchased a farm in England’s south-west.

Prior to achieving his childhood ambition he spent time in the Army, working as a chef, and as a director and producer at the BBC. That latter role involved introducing the likes of James Martin and Gordon Ramsay to television.

Emmanuel-Jones also introduced a rural scholarship scheme, providing young people from inner city areas with opportunities to work in the countryside.

Beef burger on a brioche bun.
Beef burger on a brioche bun.

Inspirational ideas for creative cooking

The Black Farmer website has a recipes page with a number of well-produced short videos, providing inspiration on how to cook meat and poultry dishes.

You can also find a handful of detailed recipes, including ones for coq au vin and roast beef.

The Black Farmer products are available across the United Kingdom.

Time to step up to the plate (to add salad and chips)?
Time to step up to the plate (to add salad and chips)?

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