Cooking with a Copper Stone Pan

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As a man who enjoys cooking healthy food regularly, I was pleased to take delivery of a couple of the non-stick frying pans, from JML Direct’s Copper Stone Pan range. The pans’ ultra-non-stick technology means there is no need to add oil or fat while cooking. I was sent pans in the larger two sizes to test.

Disclosure: Two frying pans were supplied in order to facilitate testing the equipment ahead of writing this post on the JML Direct did not review or approve this post. Some of the links below — marked with (£) — are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The frying pans are available in three sizes, 20cm, 24cm and 28cm.

The pans are suitable for use on all types of hob. That includes induction cookers, radiant rings, ceramic halogen hobs and electric stoves. Personally, I prefer cooking on gas. I find that gas hobs respond quickly to adjustment, meaning I can maximise my control over what I’m cooking.

A Copper Stone Pan frying pan on a gas-powered hob.
A Copper Stone Pan frying pan on a gas-powered hob.

The Copper Stone Pan range

The packaging states that the pans feature dynamic heat dispersion and ultra-non-stick technology. They are coated to be non-stick and scratch-resistant.

So, what does dynamic heat dispersion mean? According to the packaging that means the Copper Stone Pan range heats quickly, stay hot longer and cooks more evenly.

Copper Stone Pans are available via Amazon (£):

The pans, which are over safe up to temperatures of 150°C (302°F) have a 5mm thick rim, an aluminium core and a stainless steel base.

They have wood-effect Bakelite handles that are heat resistant. The handles have a hole so that the pans can be hung from a hook.

The colour of the pans change slightly when they become hot. The rich red of the pans, when they are unheated, turns darker. The redness returns as they cool down.

The wood-effect Bakelite handle of a Copper Stone Pan frying pan.
The wood-effect Bakelite handle of a Copper Stone Pan frying pan.

Six easy tips for pan care

These six simple-to-follow tips will help you make the most of Copper Stone Pans:

  • Pans should be washed with warm, soapy water then rinsed and dried before being used for the first time.
  • Even a Copper Stone Pan can be seasoned with oil before first use (and intermittently after first cooking with it). After heating the oil, wiping the pan clean with a kitchen towel helps maximise the surface performance and longevity of the pans.
  • Never cut food while it is in a pan. That can scratch the surface.
  • Avoid scouring the surface of non-stick frying pans.
  • Allow pans to cool after cooking before cleaning them. A mild detergent, soft cleaning cloth or sponge and hot water helps maximise the lifespan of a non-stick pan.
  • Don’t store pans directly on top of each other. Doing so can scratch or otherwise damage the non-stick surface of a pan.

Here’s to creative cooking and preparing delicious, healthy food while using the pans.

A Copper Stone Pan frying pan.
A Copper Stone Pan frying pan.

Further information

The Copper Stone Pans are available from Sets of three frying pans (with diameters of 20 cm, 24 cm and 28 cm) can be purchased together.

The Copper Stone Pan also features a wok, which can be purchased via Amazon (£):

A griddle pan and wok also feature in the Copper Stone Pan range.


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