Camper Vin white wine

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A camper van packed with white wine? Sort of. Camper Vin is a 2.25-litre box of South African white wine in packaging that resembles a classic VW camper van.

Disclosure: MannedUp was send a box of Camper Vin for review purposes. This post was not reviewed or approved by Camper Vin.

The compact, glass-free packaging means Camper Vin is ideal for stuffing into a rucksack and a taking on a camping expedition. The box-style packaging means it can fit easily onto the shelf of a caravan or into a space, roughly the size of football, in the boot of a car. It’s also ideal for taking to a picnic or a party where bottles might represent a hazard.

A box of Camper Vin white wine.
A van full of wine? Nope, this is box of Camper Vin white wine.

The volume of three standard bottles

Camper Vin’s 2.25-litre capacity is three times the volume of a standard bottle of wine, making it suitable for sharing with groups of friends. The packaging, though, means a box of Camper Vin is significantly lighter than three glass bottles. Once it’s been emptied that means less to recycle.

The cardboard packaging holds a plastic bag of wine made from South African Chenin Blanc grapes. The airtight plastic nozzle slips through a circular hole in the box, right where the number plate is under the windscreen. Pouring is easy via the button on top of the nozzle.

Yes, this is bag in the box wine. It’s a style of packaging that has had its critics in the past but is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. So long as the product within the bag is decent, as in this case, it means you can stick the box on a shelf or in the fridge and return for a glass over weeks.

For the occasional glass? Nope, this is box of Camper Vin white wine.
For the occasional glass? Nope, this is box of Camper Vin white wine.

Fresh for up to six weeks

Under normal circumstances, when air gets into a bottle it causes wine to oxidise within a matter of days. That, of course, spoils the flavour of the wine. Many people need no prompting to polish off a bottle but others would rather finish the wine off in one sitting rather than see it go to waste. The Camper Vin seal means its producers feel confident saying the wine within stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening.

Members of the Manned Up editorial team were unwilling to scientifically test that claim. We unanimously agreed that, when the Camper Vin wine was chilled and served with a selection of sandwiches on a sunny day at a cricket match, it slipped down well.

The wine inside of the Camper Vin is straw coloured and hails from the Western Cape. It has a strength of 12.5 per cent alcohol by volume.

Transportable and inexpensive, this is a decent easy drinking wine in fun packaging.

A box of Camper Vin white wine.
From above. A box of Camper Vin white wine.

Further information

Of course, alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly, so Drink Aware.

A box of Camper Vin white wine.
A box of Camper Vin white wine.


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  2. I like the idea of this type of wine.

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