Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim

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Stuart Forster reviews a Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim.

Disclosure — advertising feature: Trendhim gifted a Boston cap but did not review or approve this post.

I’ve long been a fan of stylish headwear. Not only do they look good. Caps and hats provide protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As a wearer of spectacles, I also appreciate how they help keep raindrops off my glasses on rainy days.

The flat cap is back

Flat caps have surged back into style in recent years.

They were long seen as the headgear of working men, market traders and country folk. For a time, few style-conscious young gentlemen wore flat caps. Too often they were mocked as an old man’s choice of cap.

Hipsters played a key role in rejuvenating the reputation of the flat cap. Now nobody looks twice —other, perhaps, than in admiration — when a fashionably attired flat cap-wearing man walks his pet pug to the local pub to drink craft beer and dine on pulled pork or its vegan equivalent.

The television show Peaky Blinders did no harm to the street cred of caps either.

Studio shot of a Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim.
Studio shot of a Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim.

Choosing a flat cap

Baseball caps have their place. I love outdoor workouts wearing them. But in my humble view, a quality flat cap looks a lot more stylish than baseball cap. Flat caps can pair well with casual clothes and look good with a jacket too.

Trendhim, an e-commerce brand based in Denmark, contacted me to ask if I was open to a collaboration. They design accessories and jewellery for men and offered me a product from their website. The company’s range of products encompasses items such as ties, scarves, cufflinks and bags, making the site worth browsing for gift ideas.

As a regular wearer of caps, I like to have them in a variety of styles and colours so that I can accessorise my outfit. From the broad selection on the Trendhim website, the Boston Blue Fido flat cap (£59) caught my eye because it of its classic design and the flexibility of its blue-black colour scheme. It’s made from a blended fabric with a polyester lining.

Top of a Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim
A studio shot of the cap.

Ordering from the Trendhim website

To ensure the correct size of cap was dispatched, I measured the circumference of my head using a tape measure (instructions on how to do so are on the Trendhim website) before placing my order. It will come as no surprise to most people that my head is extra-large!

The cap was delivered to me within a week of placing the order.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown I haven’t yet had an opportunity to wear my new Boston Blue Fido flat cap to the pub but have donned it during my daily walks. It’s comfortable and hopefully you think it looks good.

Male lifestle and style blogger wearing a Boston Blue Fido flat cap from Trendhim
Stuart wearing the cap.

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