Snugpak Softie Vest: lightweight, windproof warmth

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Feeling the chill on summer evenings? Looking for a jacket that allows you to remain mobile? Maybe the Snugpak Softie Vest will meet your needs.

Softie Vest? That doesn’t sound very manly, you might chunter. But this is made in Britain by a supplier of kit to military units around the world, including the British and American armed forces. Softie is the name given to the insulation, which traps air between polyester fibres to keep the wearer warm.

It’s a fine-looking jacket and its arrival here in the MannedUp office sparked a tug-of-war to test it. It survived the melee. Rest assured, the only thing that’s soft about this piece of clothing is its feel.

The Snugpak Softie Vest
The Snugpak Softie Vest

It’s lightweight and available in six sizes

The sleeveless, zippable vest-style jacket is made of lightweight material. It’s available in six sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, weighing between 280 and 450 grams.

The extra-large size weighs 410 grams.

The vest comes in four different colours

The Snugpak Softie Vest is available in a greyish silver and olive, plus two types of camouflage—multicam and A-TACS.

It has multiple pockets

The Snugpak Softie Vest has two zippable pockets on the outside, ideal for keeping your hands warm between sipping beer as day becomes night at a British barbecue or while walking up an exposed hill on a chilly day.

It also has a large inside pocket, on the left side of the breast. We noted that this was very handy for keeping a notepad and pens in. Should you ever find yourself on a windswept hillside, testing out a vest on an overcast, drizzly day then it’s the inside pocket that we recommend you use for pens.

Windproof and water-resistant material

The vest’s Paratex fabric is windproof and water-resistant. At the same time it’s breathable, which helps ensure you don’t make it moist from the inside out with sweat.

Laid out - a silver version of the Snugpak Softie Vest
Laid out – a silver version of the Snugpak Softie Vest

Clothing that’s made in Britain

Like the Industrial Revolution, Snugpak products have their origins in a British mill. Their clothing and sleeping bags are manufactured in Silsden, West Yorkshire.

Snugpak, incidentally, had its origins in the 1970s, when Brett Harris, the company’s founder, noted that it was tricky to find body warmers in the United Kingdom. As a deep sea diver he’d seen Americans wearing them to work out on oil rigs.

The Snugpak Softie Vest is, to all intents and purposes, the next generation of those body warmers.

Adjustable draw cords to keep in warmth

If you’re feeling particularly parky you can pull the adjustable draw cords on the collar and side hems of the vest to keep in warmth.

Buying a Snugpak Softie Vest

See the Snugpak website ( for more details about the vest’s specifications and to place orders online. Alternatively head to one of the stockists listed on the Snugpak site or call 01535 654479.

Go to the maker’s website for more information about the Snugpak Soft Vest.

Detail of the collar and zip on a Snugpak Softie Vest
Detail of the collar and zip on a Snugpak Softie Vest

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