Christmas gift guide

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Men are notoriously tricky to buy presents for at Christmas. Here’s a gift guide that provides a few handy gift suggestions.

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A face and body care gift set

The contents of a gift set come in handy for showering and grooming afterwards. Let’s face it, which man doesn’t enjoy freshening up every now and again.

Unpacked...the contents of a Nivea Men face and body care gift set
Unpacked…the contents of a Nivea Men face and body care gift set

The Nivea Men face and body care gift set contains toiletries to ‘get fresh and smooth,’ according to the packaging.

The set contains five items, a shower gel (250ml), quick dry anti-perspirant (150ml), face wash (100ml), a moisturiser (75ml) plus a post-shave balm (100ml). Four of the five products within the set have been developed for sensitive skin.

A cook book for recipe ideas

Bored of the same old dinners? Keen to try new dishes over the months ahead? Of course, you could search the internet for inspiration or spend time watching weekend cookery programmes ready to take notes. Alternatively, you could invest in a cookbook and give it as a present to somebody close to you!

One cookbook you may not yet have seen is Lavender and Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth. The 396-page book is packed with recipes that have been developed, tested and photographed by the author, who is a freelance food writer and photographer. There’s a mix of exotic ideas and creative takes on home-style dishes. The recipes are interspersed with food-related observations from Karen’s travels.

The hardback edition of Lavender and Lovage: A Culinary Notebook of Memories & Recipes from Home and Abroad (£) is priced at £31.37 on AmazonPrime. A Kindle version of Lavender and Lovage is also available (£9.85).

Board games to play together

Playing board games means time away from social media. Playing them represents an opportunity for face time together in the age of the smartphone.

How about a board game this Christmas? Guiness World Records Challenges and What's That Smell? are two new games.
How about a board game this Christmas? Guinness World Records Challenges and What’s That Smell? are two new games.

If you don’t already have an edition of Monopoly, you could buy one of the limited editions of the popular board game. As an alternative to the classic version, you could choose from a Game of Thrones, Star Wars Episode II or even a city-based edition. There are editions from places such as Edinburgh, Hull and Bristol. Perhaps combine gifting the game with the promise of a weekend away in the city that you choose?

There’s even a Christmas edition, if you want to stay in the mood of the season.

Want to try a newer board game? Guinness World Records Challenges is suitable for between two to five players aged eight and upwards. The game involves answering questions about world records and beating fellow players in 20 different challenges. The challenges are divided between ‘best time’ and ’30 seconds’ formats.

Guinness World Records Challenges has a recommended retail price of £24.99 but is available via Amazon for just £14.99.

What’s That Smell? is a party game that takes between 15 and 30 minutes to play. It’s aimed at players ages 14 and older and can be played by between two and six people simultaneously.

The premise of the game is to correctly guess scratch and sniff aromas inside of the agreed sniffing time of either 30-, 45- or 60-seconds. Bonus points are available for jotting down the funniest memories associated with the smell.

Winners of rounds can subject other players to a ‘whiff of shame’. In the event of a tie, players face a smell-off round to decide the winner.

What’s That Smell? has a recommended retail price of £24.99 and is available via Amazon.

A bottle of gin

It’s an easy option. Thanks to gin’s popularity you can pick up good gin in supermarkets and at off-licenses around the country. Don’t fancy the trek? No worries, you can purchase the likes of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin, Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin and Hendricks via the internet.

Since it’s Christmas you might want to go for something a little out of the ordinary? Hadrian’s Wall Gin, which is infused with Roman botanicals, costs £38 a bottle.

Don’t forget to get some tonic too!

A bottle of Hadrian's Wall Gin.
A bottle of Hadrian’s Wall Gin.

A new shirt to wear

How about giving a new shirt as a Christmas gift?

You could, of course, pick out a shirt that you particularly like the look of. Alternatively, open a website and select one together. There’s always that technique of showing something, saying you like it, then judging whether the response is approval.


A Charles Tyrwhitt shirt can be casual or formal. Evening wear is available too. Long-and short-sleeved shirts are available. Choose a suitable fit, including slim-fit shirts or the more forgiving classic fit. Non-iron shirts are available, including for formal occasions.

Gift packaging is available, along with the option of adding a personal message.

Here’s to looking sharp over the festive period.

A thrilling book to read

After clearing away the remnants of the Christmas party, what could be more pleasant than putting on low music and sitting back to read an engrossing novel?

Stuck as to ideas? Frederick Forsyth, the author of gripping thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File, this year had The Fox published. It’s an international tale of intrigue about a struggle to prevent an important young man falling into the possession of the wrong people.

Mark time together with a special wristwatch

Is a well-crafted watch the male equivalent of diamond jewellery? Something that many people aspire to owning?

There are many beautifully designed watches on the market at present. The Tag Heuer Carerra Calibre Heuer 01 Chronograph is sleek, sporty and sophisticated. Priced at £5,500, it may not be a spontaneous purchase but it certainly sends out the message that the recipient is special.

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The MannedUp gift guide includes the Guinness World Records Challenges and What's That Smell? board games, a Tag-Heuer watch, Charles Tyrwhitt shirt, gin, books and a Nivea men's toiletries gift set.
Hopefully the 2018 gift guide has included some useful suggestions for you?

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