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Cornerstone is a shaving subscription and delivery service that also supplies quality skin care products. In April the company launched a new razor which they recently sent to Manned Up to review, along with a cross-section of their products.

Disclosure: Manned Up was sent Cornerstone products for review purposes. There was full editorial freedom in writing this post, which expresses the viewpoints of one of our writers. Cornerstone did not review or approve the article.

We asked the writer and photographer Stuart Forster, who has sensitive skin, to look at what we’d been sent, to test the products over the course of a week’s shaving, and provide an overview and photos for our readers.

Here’s what he said and photographed:

Stuart’s summary

All told, I really like what Cornerstone are doing. The company’s website is easy to navigate too, which impresses the wannabe designer in me.

The presentation of their products is very good. They are sent in a neat cardboard packaging. That looks good, is a practical way of transporting the razors and skin care products, and ultimately it means there isn’t too much waste to go into the recycling.

The red and grey plastic packaging used for the face scrub, shave gel and post shave balm looks attractive. I think it’s a brand that looks ‘manly’. I can imagine my hand would reach for it if I saw it on the shelf of a shop, side by side with other shaving products.

I’ve spent the past week shaving with the razor. I immediately liked to sleek, simple design. At first I thought it looked quite flat, so I wasn’t sure about the quality of the shave I’d get. I was quickly convinced of its quality. The razor felt good in my hand and gave a good, clean shave.

Cornerstone shave cream.
Cornerstone shave cream.

The aromas of the Cornerstone products are mild and pleasant. I like the smell of the ginger and eucalyptus shave gel, which doesn’t produce an overly frothy lather but, nonetheless, proves effective.

By contrast the foaming sensitive shave cream lathers up well. Its 75ml tube makes it ideal for travel. The buffalo hide wash bag looks smart and is also well-suited for overnight trips.

The post-shave balm has a fresh, minty aroma. I liked the zingy feel it produced when I applied it to my face and neck.

In the past, when using other products, I’ve occasionally been plagued by razor burn from shaving and itchiness after using ineffective balms. I hate the uncomfortable sensation that causes. That’s not happened this week while using the Cornerstone products. I’m happy with the shave that I’ve had over the past few days.

I love the fact that Cornerstone personalise the razors by engraving them with the subscriber’s initials. That’s a nice touch.

The Cornerstone leather wash bag, razor plus shaving products.
The Cornerstone leather wash bag, razor plus shaving products.

Cornerstone products

The design of their sleek new Cornerstone razor takes into account feedback supplied by the company’s client base of more than 140,000 members.

Cornerstone razors

The razor blades are made in Germany from steel that’s been blended with carbon, chromium and molybdenum [atomic element number 42, in case you fancy looking that up]. The blade is heated to 1100˚C then cooled to -70˚C before being precision ground and shaped into a gothic arch. They are then coated with carbon and layered with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, should you be wondering) to minimise friction and drag.

The razors have five blades plus an aloe vera strip.

A Cornerstone razor plus shaving products.
A Cornerstone razor plus shaving products.

Pre-shave face scrub

For use before shaving, this product has cedarwood and volcanic sand. It feels grainy but the ingredients are natural. Environmentally conscious shavers will be pleased to hear it is free of microplastics, which can easily be swallowed by marine creatures, thus entering the food chain, with potentially dangerous consequences.

Sensitive shave gel

Containing ginger and eucalyptus, this product is designed to rehydrate and minimise shaving irritation.

A peek inside a box containing Cornerstone shaving products.
A peek inside a box containing Cornerstone shaving products.

Foaming sensitive shave cream

Made with willow bark extract and bamboo, this product lathers up into a foam.

Sensitive cooling post-shave balm

Featuring mint and honey, this balm refreshes and moisturises.

Ready to shave. A Cornerstone razor, blades, plus shaving products.
Ready to shave. A Cornerstone razor, blades, plus shaving products.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is the brainchild of Oliver Bridge, who saw a business opportunity as a consequence of standing in line to purchase shaving supplies during his lunch break. A combination of crowdfunding and entrepreneurial spirit helped launch the brand in 2014.

Oliver has been quoted as saying that he “started Cornerstone with the ambition of creating the best possible shaving experience.”

Find out more about Cornerstone on the website, which features an online store.

The company’s skin care products are made in the United Kingdom.

Cornerstone’s magazine, 15 Minutes, is sent to members. It includes easy to read grooming tips, health and fitness, along with travel suggestions.

Delivered like this. Boxes containing Cornerstone products.
Delivered like this. Boxes containing Cornerstone products.

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