National Smile Month

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The United Kingdom’s National Smile Month runs from 13 May to 13 June 2019. You may be inclined to dismiss it as just another of those seemingly countless national days, weeks and months that promote one thing or another? This one conveys information that means you can smile without embarrassment.

National Smile Month

The aim of National Smile Month is to ensure physical and mental wellbeing through good oral health. Three key messages are being shared during the month-long campaign:

You should brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before going to sleep and at least one other time each day.

Minimise the amount of sugary food and drinks that you consume, as well as the frequency with which you eat and drink sugary products.

You should visit your dentist regularly (heeding you dentist’s advice on the frequency of visits).

Applying all three of those key messages are a basis for developing and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Humble Brush toothbrush made from biodegradable bamboo on a wood tabletop
A Humble Brush toothbrush made from sustainably-grown, biodgradable bamboo (a product which is naturally antibacterial).

The Oral Health Foundation

National Smile Month is coordinated by the Oral Health Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to improving oral health and wellbeing by supplying impartial advice impartial advice. The Oral Health Foundation was established in 1971 when the idea of preventative dentistry was still in its infancy. It actively promotes the message that ‘Teeth are for Life’.

The foundation operates a dental helpline (01788 539 780) from its head office. The helpline is open from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

The Oral Health Foundation is also behind Mouth Cancer Action Month, held during November. During 2017 more than 8,300 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer in the United Kingdom. Anyone can be affected by the disease but drinking alcohol and smoking are factors that increase the risk of mouth cancer developing.

People who notice anything out of the ordinary in their mouth are encouraged to book an appointment with their doctor or dentist. Symptoms that warrant being checked include:

Swellings, lumps plus red or white patches in your mouth.

Ulcers that remain unhealed after three weeks.

Anything unusual in your mouth, neck, head, cheeks or lips.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key.

Mouth of a man smiling during National Smile Month.
A smile or a grimace? A man shows off his teeth during National Smile Month.

Share your smile with us

A Smileathon is one of several activities taking place during National Smile Month.

A Smileathon involves people sharing photos of themselves smiling and holding smileys via social media. (Want to get involved? See the National Smile Month website for details. Pictures should use the hashtag #mysmileyselfie and tag @smilemonth.)

If you want, you could always tag the social media pages (TwitterInstagram or Facebook) with a photo of you displaying a lovely smile!

The lips and front teeth of a smiling woman during National Smile Month
A woman shows off her smile.

Participate in a Brushathon

Brushathons are also being held during National Smile Month. They involve people getting together and brushing their teeth for two minutes.

It’s unlikely that any Brushathon event held during the 2019 National Smile Month will match the enormous number of people who brushed their teeth simultaneously at Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salavador on 5 November 2007: 13,380 individuals participated. That’s a communal polishing for 428,160 teeth — assuming that everyone had all 32 of their adult set.

Tube of Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste made with activated charcoal
A tube of Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste.

The Two Minute Challenge

People are also being invited to take part in a Two Minute Challenge during National Smile Month. The premise of the challenge is for people to clean their teeth for as close as possible to 120 seconds without the aid of a clock. Most people brush their teeth for significantly less than the full two minutes.

Here’s to you looking after your oral health, your teeth and having a great smile for years to come.

If you have any oral health tips you’d like to share with us during or after National Smile Month, please feel welcome to post a comment below.

Disclosure: The Humble Co. toothbruth and Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste shown in this article were supplied courtesy of Brand Nation.

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Colgate Sensitive Pre-Relief and Bevely Hills Formular Perfect White Black tooth paste with electric and Humble Brush toothbrushes.
Use Pinterest? Pin this and return to read how using toothpastes and toothbrushes twice a day is being encouraged during the UK’s National Smile Month.

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