Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

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Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser is designed to moisturise skin and protect from the discomfort of dryness.

This moisturising cream comes in a compact, 75ml tube. The hand-sized, navy blue tube can slip easily into coat pockets, sports bags and, should you need it throughout the day, a drawer in your workplace.

Aloe vera and active ingredients

Part of the Nivea Originals range, this moisturiser contains vitamin E, aloe vera plus active moisturising ingredients.

The idea of the product is to provide both immediate and long-lasting moisture, reported Big Vinny, wasting no time in reading aloud and summarising the small print on the back of the tube.

Passing it around, we agreed this rehydrating moisturiser felt a tad greasy on our fingers and faces. It required a few seconds of rubbing to accelerate absorption of the white cream.

Think about it when it's out of the box, Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser.
Think about it when it’s out of the box, Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser.

A decent travel moisturiser

The moisturiser itself dispenses neatly from the tube, which we found snapped tightly shut and transported well. It’s not one of those products that have a propensity to open when you’re carrying them in your washbag.

Also, containing 75ml when full, the packaging is small enough for you to carry it through airport security in your hand-baggage (£):

A moisturiser with interesting ingredients

Glancing at the ingredients listed on the tube’s cardboard box, we noticed the first, so presumably main ingredient listed is ‘aqua’. Isn’t that water in proper, plain English?

Tapioca and starch also feature high on the long list.

Some of the other items—for example, polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate—have a formidably high number of syllables.

‘Parfum’ is the last ingredient listed. Is that perfume? If so, we don’t mind being told in a plain English term that we’re able to understand.

The scent of the product is fresh and light, so we aren’t going to get uppity about it containing perfume, if that’s what ‘parfum’ happens to be. As modern, metrosexual males the MannedUp team can cope with a dash of perfume in a dollop of moisturiser.

We don’t like dodgy terminology used in the packaging’s ingredients’ list but we do, ultimately, like this product.

Find out more about the Nivea Men range of products via the website.

Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser
Nivea Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

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