Waking up and feeling fresh

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What’s not to like about waking up and feeling fresh? As a member of the Nivea Family I was recently gifted grooming and cleansing products that help me start my day feeling and smelling good.

Disclosure: This post mentions products that were gifted by Nivea. Nivea has not reviewed or approved this article. Some of the links below — marked with a (£) — are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Who doesn’t despise those mornings during which you feel a tad jaded and take an age to get going? Maybe that’s because of one pint too many the night before or simply because of a busy, stressful working week. A bit of bathroom ‘me time’, to primp and preen, can go a long way to getting into the groove of the day and making a positive first impression to the world outside.

So how about making a cup of strong coffee, putting on the radio and enjoying a hot shower after a series of stretching exercises and a couple of sets of press-ups?

The Nivea Men Active Clean shower gel that I was sent contains active charcoal to cleanse skin without drying it. The silver-grey gel is attractively fragranced yet masculine. It’s suitable for daily use on the face, body and hair. Though I’ve been using it chiefly at home each morning, the durable 250 ml bottle is a decent size for chucking into my sports bag when I head to my gym or local swimming pool for a workout.

Nivea Men Active Clean shower gel.

While I’m under the shower’s invigorating flow, I like to shave using a handheld mirror to ensure I don’t miss any of my facial hairs. Prior to lathering up, I’ll treat myself to a face scrub a couple of times a week. The Nivea Men exfoliating face scrub that I was sent contains particles that help lift off dead skin and unclog pores. It has aloe vera and Pro-Vitamin B5, which helps keep skin soft and smooth.

Nivea Men exfoliating face scrub.

I’ve also been applying Nivea Men Night Regenerator (£) , a 6-in-1 moisturiser that helps reduce wrinkles while firming the skin. (£):

It moisturises for up to 24 hours. The 50 ml pump action bottle is a handy size to slip into my overnight travel bag when I head away on business.

Nivea Men Night Regenerator.

Here’s a link to a Nivea Men Gift Pack (£):

Here’s to a waking up and feeling fresh in future. And, of course, to looking good.

Nivea Men exfoliating face scrub, Active Clean shower gel and Night Regenerator.

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