What Skin Needs skin care products

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What Skin Needs, a unisex skincare brand,  produces naturally-based  skincare products in Australia.

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All too often us fellas overlook the care of our skin, so we thought we’d check the range out.

The What Skin Needs range features an active ingredient called Plantolin, made from the extracts of a plant that’s known as Centipeda cunninghamii under its binomial nomenclature.

A quick Google search revealed, to those of us who aren’t scientists, the plant is commonly known as old man weed and named after a bloke called Allan Cunningham, an explorer and botanist.

What Skin Needs Skin Balm

The range’s Skin Balm (£) is easily absorbable and non-greasy. It’s said to revive stressed skin, aid skin cell renewal, reduce irritations and be good to dry and damaged skin. Unfortunately, without a lab to test that kind of thing, and no boffins on the payroll, we couldn’t prove if that’s really true.

However, undaunted and unafraid of being labelled unethical by testing on humans, we gave the skin balm to the mannedup.com human guinea pig, Big Vinny, and asked him to test it for a couple of weeks. A fortnight later Big Vinny grunted approval that his face “felt good” and commented the balm “smelled pleasant,” rapturously adding the scent reminded him of a mild version of tea tree oil.

We checked the packaging. Tea tree essential oil does indeed feature on the What Skin Needs list of ingredients. So too do essential oils from geranium and lavender. Myrrh and aloe vera are also listed. The result is a scent that both men and women found appealing, based on a vox pop of customers at mannedup.com’s local pub.

What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Balm

What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Cream

The Cracked Skin Cream (£) softened the notoriously tough skin on Big Vinny’s enormous heels and left him asking for more. The packaging suggests it’s good for rough knees and elbows too. However, by the time we found anyone with roughed up elbows Big Vinny had used up our supplies.

What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Cream

What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel

Big Vinny said the Soothing Skin Gel (£13.99 for 75 ml) was particularly pleasant to use after a long day of hill walking under the late summer sun. Like the other two products in the range, the gel is said to help against dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

The What Skin Needs packaging says it also soothes itchy skin. It certainly rings true…we haven’t seen Big Vinny scratching himself while collecting documents from the office printer over the past couple of weeks.

What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel

So, the What Skin Needs skin products smell good, feel nice, are natural and can be used by guests of either sex.

The products are available from the www.whatskinneeds.co.uk website.


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