Snugpak ML3 Softie Smock

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The lightweight Snugpak ML3 Softie Smock is British-made outdoor clothing designed with input from experts including military personnel, mountain leaders, climbing instructors, meterologists and professional navigators.

The smock is designed for use in a mixture of terrains and weather conditions. It provides protection against wind and is effective to temperatures of 0°C to -5°C.

Breathable Paratex lightweight fabric is employed to make the Snugpak ML 3 Softie Smock windproof and water repellent. The close weave is hardwearing soft to the touch.

A front pouch pocket

You’ll find a deep pouch-style pocket on the smock’s front, which also has a map pocket plus a couple of compass and equipment pockets. This is a comfortable, practical piece of outdoor equipment that packs down well when you are not wearing it and is light to carry.

This piece of clothing zips up to chin level, offering insulation and protection against the wind when its blustery.

Velcro strips on the upper arms can be used for displaying identification badges or Brite-Strike All Purpose Adhesive Light (APAL) strips that enhance the visibility of the wearers in low light.

Kit used by the military

Snugpak equipment is used by military personnel around the world, including European, American and Australian forces. Softie products have been used by members of the British armed forces in all major conflicts since the Falklands War. A camouflaged version of the ML3 Softie Smock has been designed for military uses, retailing at £179.95.

The manufacturer has a proven track record of quality, having emerged onto the market in 1977, when the first insulated Snugpak vests began to meet demand for body warmer style clothing that had become popular in the USA. The Softie range was launched in the early 1980s for lightweight, insulated sleeping bags and soon became used in clothing.

The standard Snugpak ML3 Softie Smock is available sized from XS to XXL. Similar smocks have been designed for more extreme temperatures. Details about the ML6 (-5°C to -10°C) and the ML9 (-10°C to -15°C) can be seen on the Snugpak website.

Outdoor clothing for climbers, hikers and mountaineers.
Lightweight, waterproof outdoor clothing. The Snugpak ML3 Softie Smock.


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