10 impressive Instagram accounts that will inspire you to travel

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Enjoy travel photography? Here’s a look at ten impressive Instagram accounts that will inspire you to travel.

Instagram, the photo sharing app, now has more than 500 million active users. The free-to-download app has images from right around the world on almost every topic imaginable.

Here are 10 accounts showing primarily travel and documentary images that the MannedUp team rate highly and think are worth following (in alphabetical order):


“I love to photograph people, but I’m often drawn to gesture more than a particular subject. I’m usually looking for a certain type of movement or interaction that illustrates something about that moment in time. I also like images that show something quirky or unique about a particular place or environment,” says Cindy Bajema (@cindybajema), a documentary and editorial photographer currently based in Hangzhou, China.

Photo © Cindy Bajema
Photo © Cindy Bajema


“Nothing beats being out on the road with a camera, documenting people and places,” comments Stuart Forster (@goeatdo), a photographer and travel writer.

“For people photography it’s difficult to top India but I enjoy rising to the challenge of photographing wherever I am on assignment,” he adds.

Photo © Stuart Forster
Photo © Stuart Forster


“Life draws me towards it the most,” says Joydeep Mukherjee (@jmcsfk) of photography.

“I love to catch moments that depict different phases and moods of life. I even arrange for a yearly exhibition with my students by the name Zindagi Ki Tasveer, which means ‘photos of life’, adds the photographer, who is based in Kolkata, India.

Photo © Joydeep Mukherjee.
Photo © Joydeep Mukherjee


“I have long enjoyed taking photographs although I began to take a real interest in photography more recently. I have been very fortunate to travel to remote corners of the globe, and my photography – via Instagram and other channels – has allowed me to share my experiences with others,” says travel writer and photographer Kiki Deere (@kikideere).

Photo © Kiki Deere
Photo © Kiki Deere


“I’ve always enjoyed travel and seeing photos new places and people around the world. I’m probably most attracted to photos that convey a sense of story and offer us a look into a different way of living,” says Kyle Sandilands who works in film and videography, and shares his photos via @k_sandliands.

“It’s great to see that photography is something democratized now—anyone can make a gallery and share it, be inspired by others and receive feedback. Everyone from beginners to three-time Oscar winner, Emmanuel Lubezki are sharing their ‘voice’ through Instagram and I think that offers a pretty unique and diverse window to the world,” he adds.

Photo © Kyle Sandilands
Photo © Kyle Sandilands


“I started taking photos when I was a primary school student. Now, I am a tour guide for 28 years and travel writer. So photography complements my jobs,” says Serif Yenen, who is based in Instanbul, Turkey. His Instagram account is @serifyenen.

Photo © Serif Yenen
Photo © Serif Yenen


“I’m all about France, so I try to capture daily life, the astonishing architecture – from the Eiffel Tower to a troglodyte wine cellar; the heritage through food and wine, vineyards and picturesque villages; the grand chateaux and fields of lavender and the beautiful coast and countryside. I share my home life too, when I’m not on the road , I live the “good life France” growing vegetables and being maid to nine cats, three dogs and more than 70 chickens, ducks and geese,” explains Janine Marsh  of @thegoodlifefrance, the editor of The Good Life France magazine and website.

“Digital photography (and especially mobile phone cameras) is one of the greatest developments of the last few decades, I think – it’s so easy to play with the camera and take loads of photos until you get one that really zings. I’ve found that for me, taking photos is often an emotional thing – I see something that I think is beautiful and that I feel others would love to see too. I try to capture the reality and always the enchantment of a moment or a scene. I aim to convey the experience, not just a flat image and I absolutely love to share my photos,” adds Janine.

Photo © Janine Marsh
Photo © Janine Marsh


“I am in dwindling group of photographers that have had both extensive film and digital experience. In some ways I am at the end of an era in the photographic world…newcomers generally only have known digital. Things have certainly changed over the recent years and much for the good too. I am very much a social media,” says pro photographer Geoff Moore (@thetraveltrunk), who learnt his photography skills in the Royal Navy.

Photo © Geoff Moore
Photo © Geoff Moore


Zimbabwe-based photographer Tom Varley started photographing as a child and posts his images via @tomvarleyphotography.

Tom says he enjoys photographing “wildlife, landscapes and ancient cities” adding “there’s a different certain romance in shooting all these things.”

© Tom Varley
Photo © Tom Varley


I started to use Instagram in 2014. Now I am addicted,” says Yvette-Marie Solem, a travel journalist from Norway, who loves architecture and nature photos.

“Every picture with substance makes me even more creative. By looking at one picture from a new destination can make me get an urge to go,” says Norwegian travel journalist Yvette-Marie Solem whose photos can be seen under @yvettesolem.

© Yvette-Marie Solem
Photo © Yvette-Marie Solem

We’d like to say thanks to the photographers listed for taking the time to be interviewed and giving us permission to show their work. You can see more of it by clicking through onto their accounts.

Enjoy checking out these and other images on Instagram and, if you want, post a comment sharing your account or those you find to be inspirational.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I particulary like the @googlifefrance because it remerber me my native country, its history, its beautiful places, its f****** good gourmet dishes ! And the Iron Lady… my beloved Eiffel Tower !

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