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This page sets out the principles and policies guiding us at MannedUp.com.

We believe that transparency and respect are important.

Please send comments you wish to see posted on this site in English. We have great respect for linguists and the many languages of the world but only comments in English will be published on MannedUp.com. All of our posts will be in the English language.

Do not send us messages or attempt to post comments containing obscene, insulting, abusive, or disrespectful language. Likewise we do not want to see racist, sexist or culturally-offensive content or comments. We will not publish them.

We request that the information you share with us is accurate and true. We will not publish information known to be inaccurate or untrue.

Every effort is made to ensure information on MannedUp.com is as up-to-date as possible. However, details such as prices, telephone numbers and websites are liable to change. We cannot accept responsibility for the consequences arising from the use of information published on this site. (If you spot any inaccuracies please let us know.)

We try to ensure that content sent to us by users and third parties is accurate but can’t guarantee that it is absolutely accurate.

We respect intellectual property rights. Wherever possible and appropriate we will cite sources and creators, and will provide links to their websites.

MannedUp.com will make clear the difference between editorial and advertising content. If the page is an advertorial then it will be clearly marked as such.

We strive to ensure that the editorial reviews posted on this are honest reflections of the thoughts and impressions of our contributors.

We always attempt to represent our viewpoints and opinions honestly and clearly.

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