Why Manchester is one of the best places to live in the UK

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A look at why Manchester is one of the best places to live in the UK.

Disclosure: This blog post was supplied by and paid for by RW Invest North.

If you’re unhappy with your current living situation, then why not consider moving to a thriving city like Manchester, which was voted the best city in the UK. While this may be a big move, it could be beneficial for your livelihood, especially if you have a family to think about. However, before you up sticks and move across the country, you should take a look at the following benefits which will help you with your final decision.

Affordable housing

In recent years, Manchester has benefited from regeneration initiatives like the Silk Street project, which is providing affordable and eco-friendly housing in northern Manchester. This continuous growth will ensure that Manchester residents can afford to live comfortably, whether they choose a house in Chorlton or an apartment in MediaCity.

Property companies like RW Invest have also recognised Manchester’s potential, with their past and ongoing developments enticing plenty of investors to Manchester. These properties are located in areas like Salford and Central Manchester, and are focused on students and young professionals who are looking for affordable housing in the city centre.

Rail links mean that Manchester is just two hours five minutes’ from central London.

Career development

The birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester is upholding its reputation as the UK’s second-largest economy. This is evident with more and more graduates flocking to Manchester due to the level of employment available, especially in MediaCity, where the digital industry is thriving.

The introduction of Manchester’s State of the city report has enabled talks of increased training for everyone, from school children to residents aged 50 – 64. This will help to ensure that all Manchester residents receive access to equal opportunities, and also guarantee that anyone of working age receives at least a Real Living Wage, which should continue to rise.

Manchester played a key role in the Industrial Revolution and is now a modern city.

Transport links

With increased employment opportunity comes the need for better transport to ensure commuting is made easy throughout Manchester and beyond. One of the best ways to travel in Manchester is by the Metrolink network, which is a Tram service that offers commuters numerous routes, frequent timetables and affordable travel.

There are also many train lines that are located throughout Manchester, including an airport link and even various external routes which offer direct trains to major cities like London and Liverpool. This is great for anyone who travels for their job, as you can get to your destination much quicker due to the access to high-speed trains that operate in the majority of Manchester’s train stations.

Buildings of the Royal Albert Dock reflect in Liverpool, which is easy to reach from Manchester

High-quality security

One of the things many people look for when moving to a new city is how safe it is, especially if you’re moving with family. Luckily, Manchester is actually known as one of the safest cities in the UK, especially since the tragic Manchester arena attacks, which have forced security measures to be stepped up massively.

Businesses in Manchester have also started to focus on the security of our data. With cybercrime on the rise, it is vital that both companies and individuals are knowledgeable about potential attacks. There are now several initiatives in place to improve the level of cybersecurity to avoid fraud attacks on residents, and reputable organisations which will ensure both Manchester and the virtual world are protected.

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