10 top travel blogs you should start following today

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Looking for travel inspiration? Take a look at the following top travel blogs for ideas about where to travel and what to do next:

Adventures Around Scotland, by Susanne Arbuckle, has been online since 2014.

“Adventures Around Scotland is a Scottish travel blog which explores Scotland’s lesser known gems and encourages visitors to experience a different side of the country away from the typical tourist trail. From off-the-beaten-track outdoor adventures to quirky accommodation, it has a little bit of everything to help you plan a completely unique and memorable trip to Scotland,” says Susanne.

Finding the Universe was established by Laurence Norah in 2010.

“Finding the Universe is an adventure travel blog, run by travel couple Laurence and Jessica Norah, and is probably best-known for its award-winning travel photography. Laurence Norah’s photography has been featured on a number of publications and websites such as USA Today, National Geographic, the BBC, and CNN. Posts focus mainly on travel in Europe and the USA, with expert planning guides, itineraries and beautiful photography throughout,” they say.

Get out and enjoy the open road. This stretch of tarmac in in Alberta, Canada.
Get out and enjoy the open road. This stretch of tarmac in in Alberta, Canada.

Fit Living Lifestyle, by Nathan Sado, has been drawing readers since 2014.

“I have been traveling full time around the world for five years. I use my passion for fitness and adventure to bring people unique and fulfilling travel experiences, on both blog my and social media. The website is full of unique adventures and fitness tips to help people reach their goals both physically but globally as well,” says Nathan.

Full Suitcase has been online since 2015.

Full Suitcase is a family travel blog that focuses on providing quality travel information and practical advice to help people make the most of their trips. Jurga Van Steenbergen travels the world with her husband and their three boys and proves that you can take your kids anywhere. From road trips in Australia or Namibia and hiking in Norway or Switzerland to the incredible winter experiences in Iceland – her stories and captivating photography will inspire you all over the world.

Go Eat Do, by Stuart Forster, has been online since March 2013.

“It’s an award-winning travel and food blog. I aim to inspire people to get out, do things and try light adventure activities. I’ve been writing quite a bit about destinations in Canada, the Netherlands and my native north-east of England recently. I hope travellers will find rural and urban inspiration on my site. I’m honoured to have made the shortlist for Travel Blogger of the Year at the 2017 Travel Media Awards and also to have won Best City Article at the 2017 Holland Press Awards for work published on Go Eat Do,” says Stuart.

Always ready for a look around. Detour on a street in downtown Calgary, Canada.
Always ready for a look around. Are you? Detour sign on a street in downtown Calgary, Canada.

Nomadic Boys is a blog run by Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac. It has been online since October 2013.

“We are gay couple, Stefan and Sebastien, and have been travelling the world since 2013 after quitting our jobs in London. For every place we visit, we like to make local gay friends to experience the culture and gay scene from their perspective, which inspired the Gay Stories section of our blog,” they comment.

“We also always aim to seek out and support local LGBT businesses, which is particularly important in countries with anti-gay laws in place,” they add.

In Africa and Beyond was set up by Sara Essop in 2013.

“In Africa and Beyond is a blog about travel, events and experiences in South Africa and the rest of the world, focusing mainly on family-friendly places and activities. Sara Essop is a passionate traveller, who usually travels with her family. Although she has been to 40 countries thus far, she especially loves showcasing her own beautiful country, South Africa.

A thirteen-lined ground squirrel, also known as a striped gopher, in Alberta, Canada.
Wildlife! A thirteen-lined ground squirrel, also known as a striped gopher, in Alberta, Canada.

TravelTomTom, was established by Tom Grond in February 2016.

“I hope to inspire people to get out and explore the world by telling my story, about how I am continuously travelling the world now for more than 5 years. I write mostly about my island hopping adventures in south-east Asia and how uncomplicated life in flipflops and board shorts can be! My motto is to live now and don’t waste time!” says Tom, whose Instagram account, TravelTomTom is a major hit.

Travel With Kat was set up by Kathryn Burrington in 2011.

On it, travel photographer, Kat Burrington shares her passion for travel, from stylish city breaks to off-the-grid wildlife encounters. She is equally at home zip-lining through a rainforest in the Caribbean as she is unwinding in a luxury European spa or learning to cook fish at Benachin in Africa. Take a look at the site to join Kat as she discovers countries, cultures and cuisines.

Travel With Maria, by Maria Rona Beltran, has been online since 2009.

Travel With Maria is about a girl from the Philippines who left her 9-year old job to pursue freelancing. While she finds it halfway happy and halfway regretful, she tries to do the best she can to live the life she chose. She blogs mostly about travel in Philippines and elsewhere in Asia. She also talks about girl travel, especially doing it solo. Her lifetime dream is to visit all the visa-free countries in the world for Filipinos.

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Take a look and enjoy reading these blogs. Let us know if there are any other travel blogs you particularly enjoy visiting!

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Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies
Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies

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