15 travel blogs to follow for inspiration

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Keen on travel? Enjoy reading travel blogs? Here are 15 blogs that may provide you with inspiration for your next trip:

Cycloscope, by Daniele Giannotta and Elena Stefanin, was restyled in 2017

“Cycloscope is a blog about bicycle touring and adventure travel on a budget. A journey in search of images, sounds, and words, hunting for unknown or forgotten treasures. A way to travel slower, closer to ancient rhythms, a kind of neo-nomadism. A series of reportage about contradictions and conflicts, traditions and cultural evolution, natural wonders and environmental risks of a quickly changing world,” explain the bloggers.

Downbubble, by Erin Hardie and Ryan Platten, was established in July 2017.

“We’re a pair of Aussies who travel the world in search of the perfect Guinness! But we frequently get distracted by local beers and flavours too. Reading our blog, you can expect helpful guides to global destinations from a mid-range, mid-effort, pub-loving perspective. We all travel to discover new things and enjoy new experiences, but it’s not a race. Let’s enjoy the journey always, and travel to the destination one beer at time,” say Erin and Ryan.

Derwent Water in the English Lake District.
Part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Derwent Water in the English Lake District.

FlipFlop Globetrotters is by Lisa van den Berg

Established in 2015, it is a family travel blog focused on traveling with young kids. This Dutch family shares their personal travel experiences, favourite destinations, travel tips and reviews. After having travelled around south-east Asia for 10 months with their little boy, they’re now mainly exploring European destinations from their home base in The Netherlands. They’re hoping one day to work as digital nomads and travel full-time.

Independent Travel Cats, by Jessica Norah, has been online since 2013.
Independent Travel Cats is a luxury-focused couples’ travel blog that delves into history and culture. It provides detailed destination guides, tips, and lots of information for independent travellers to plan their own trip. The site is by Jessica, a cat-loving psychologist turned travel writer, and her husband, Laurence, who is a professional travel photographer. The blog provides comprehensive travel advice and covers travel destinations worldwide with a focus on destinations in Europe and North America.

Embracing the scenery. Woman in a Canada cardigan on Lake Louise in Aberta, Canada.
Embracing the scenery. Woman in a Canada cardigan on Lake Louise in Aberta, Canada.

International Hotdish, by Scott and Hayley Hornberg, came online in 2017.

“We’re a married, Minnesotan couple exploring the world. We quit our jobs and now work full time online. We travel on a budget and experience the best each location has to offer. We love history and unique culture, and we love sharing our Minnesotan-ness with everyone we meet on our journeys,” says Scott.

LesterLost has been online since 2015.

“LesterLost combines worldwide travel stories with beautiful photography. I try to mix the highlights as well as off the beaten track, and give my readers the confidence to travel and explore more. I was born in France and I have been living in Australia for 20 years, so I spend a bit of time between the two. I always like to approach destinations like a local and provide useful tips, nature walks, shopping guides and stunning views,” says blogger Delphine Mignon.

Face of a mountain gorilla living wild on the Virunga Mountain Range in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
Face of a mountain gorilla living wild on the Virunga Mountain Range in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

Roamscapes, by Brooke Thio, was rebranded in January 2017.

“Roamscapes is a travel blog helping culture-seekers find more exciting and meaningful adventures around the world. Whether you’re a jetsetter or wanderer, whether you choose to dip your toes in or deep-dive on each trip, we believe you can always find unique local experiences, revelatory stories, and inspiration to live a richer life,” says Brooke.

Stingy Nomads, by Campbell and Alya Akhmetgareeva, has been drawing readers since December 2015.

“We’re adventure addicts, outdoor and camping lovers based in Cape Town, South Africa. We write about hiking, diving, camping and road tripping all over the world and how to do it on a tight budget. We spend quite a lot of time in South America and South-East Asia. Currently exploring our home countries South Africa and Russia,” explains Alya.

The height of fashion? A Burmese man holds a cup of tea and wears a tin hat in Bagan.
The height of fashion? A Burmese man holds a cup of tea and wears a tin hat in Bagan.

The Lifelong Adventures, by Mary Talbott, came online in 2017.

“The Lifelong Adventures offers travel tips, advice and stories of my global adventures. I have been traveling and living abroad for over 20 years. After so much time I realised it was not enough to experience the world – I needed to share it. I write about my experiences and hope to inspire others to find their passion in the world beyond their doorstep,” says Mary.

The Wild Life, by Marcelle Simone Heller and George Mostert, has been online since 2013.

“We are travel bloggers and photographers with focus on wildlife, wild places and the wild life as world nomads. We show the beauty of the world’s nature refuges in words and photography to arouse the desire for conservation and protection. Free to travel around the world and to live ‘the wild life’ as world nomads for many years, we share travel tips and hidden gems off the beaten path,” says Marcelle.

A gem! A Burmese woman shows off a gemstone at a jeweller's store in Mandalay.
A gem! A Burmese woman shows off a gemstone at a jeweller’s store in Mandalay.

Travel for Difference was established in May 2016 by Kate Newman.

“Travel for Difference is a place that inspires travellers to explore the world in a sustainable manner, invites them to open their hearts to the people of this planet and face the reality of their undeniable privilege. It’s a space that encourages kindness, equality and a world of adventure and love! At TFD, every travel experience is valuable, no matter how big or small. A place where caring for this earth and the people within it is the most important thing,” says Kate.

Travel The Globe 4 Less is by Anne Slater-Brooks.

The site has been providing travel tips since 2015 Its focus is on helping people to travel the globe in luxury for less using airline and hotel rewards and other money saving travel suggestions.

Venison pie served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables in London, England.
Food and travel…Venison pie served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables in London, England.

Travelnuity is a blog by Shandos Cleaver

Travelnuity is a travel blog with a twist. It is focused on dog-friendly travel around the world. Currently travelling in Europe with her Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel, blogger-in-chief Shandos Cleaver realised there was a shortage of information about travelling with a dog. Travelnuity aims to provide hands-on information to other dog-loving travellers, whether about sight-seeing, transport options or where to stay, plus inspire more people to travel with their dogs.

Where Is Your Toothbrush? is by Peter Korchnak and Lindsay Sauve and has been online since May 2013.
Where Is Your Toothbrush? is a travel website focusing on food and drink around the world. We write about places through the lenses of the local cuisine, sampling dishes and beverages against the backdrop of food culture, with the aspiration to become a guide to culinary explorations around the globe. Our geographic focus for 2018 continues to be the US and Slovakia as well as craft beer everywhere,” explains Peter.

Worldwide Shopping Guide was created by James Cave in 2017.

“Worldwide Shopping Guide is a travel blog that focuses on shopping while travelling. It’s something all of us do, but that there’s surprisingly very little written about it. From the best flea markets in Paris to buying tailor-made clothes in Vietnam, Worldwide Shopping Guide provides essential travel information for shoppers on the road,” says James.

A cultured landmark. The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.
A cultured landmark. The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

Got other travel blogs you’d like to recommend? Drop MannedUp.com a line with your suggestions.

The photos illustrating this post are by Stuart Forster.

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