18 travel blogs to view in your next coffee break

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Enjoy travel stories and inspirational blogs?  Here are 18 travel blogs that you may enjoy reading in your next coffee break.

Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) in Rotterdam, the venue of the 2018 Traverse travel blogging conference.
Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) in Rotterdam, the venue of the 2018 Traverse travel blogging conference.

Eco Escape Travel was launched by Jonny Bierman in March 2017.
“Eco Escape Travel is an ecotourism, sustainable travel, and eco-travel gear website that inspires the travel community to adventure more ethically. By promoting ecolodges, eco-experiences, and sustainable travel gear, Eco Escape Travel grows a community of smart travellers who can use the platform to share, explore, and contribute eco-travel and adventure content,” says Jonny.

Explore With Erin has existed in its current form since July 2017.

“I’m Erin, a thrill seeker who has explored the world for the last five years non-stop with her two kids. They have done more than 67 countries and, to some, are considered the most well-travelled kids in the world. But what happens when you stop nomadic travel? How does an abnormal family fit into a normal world? Whether you are planning on taking off or staying home we’d love to help you find your feet and maybe, just maybe you could help us find ours. We invite you to explore with us,” says Erin, who previously blogged at Travel With Bender.

FlipFlop Globetrotters was established by Lisa van den Berg in 2015.

Family travel blog FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com focuses on travelling with young kids. This Dutch family shares their personal travel experiences, favourite destinations, travel tips and reviews. After having travelled around South-East Asia for 10 months with their little boy, they’re now mainly exploring European destinations from their home base in The Netherlands. One day they’re hoping to work as digital nomads and travel full-time.

Dusk seen from the slope of Mount Teide in Teide National Park on Tenerife.
Dusk seen from the slope of Mount Teide in Teide National Park on Tenerife.

German Backpacker was established by Patrick Muntzinger in 2017

“My blog focuses on adventure and backpacking travel, as I’m backpacking around the world with the goal to visit every country on earth. I report about popular travel destinations, but also about countries and regions which are off-the-beaten-path. My posts include informational content about the respective destination, mixed with my personal experiences and colourful pictures from my travels. I hope to help and inspire others to leave their comfort zone and explore the world,” says Patrick.

Legging It Travel is by Ron and Michele Legge.

“We share our travel adventures from around the world, including our recent three year overland motorcycle adventure. We are showing how it is possible to travel all over the world, value experiences over things and not have to break the bank to do so,” says Michele of the blog, which launched in 2013.

McCool Travel has been online since 2010.

“McCool Travel is a US-based digital travel brand promoting cool, happy and fun travel. We empower people to save money, time, and stress on every trip, through destination and how-to travel articles and seminars. Join our world of Happy Travelers!” says Charles McCool.

Notes of Nomads by Jessica Korteman and Hai Huynh had been online since 2011.
“Notes of Nomads is a travel blog with a focus on new discoveries, personal growth and overcoming stereotypes. We travel to constantly challenge ourselves and our own assumptions, and we hope that by sharing our first-hand experiences we can change some stereotypes along the way – about the destinations we visit, the various types of travel we do and, as an international married couple, about culture and race too,” says Jessica.

One Weird Globe is writer by Chris Backe, whose surname rhymes with hockey.

“One Weird Globe focuses on bizarre, unique and offbeat places around the world. Learn about how to get to them yourself, with great directions, or sit back and enjoy from your favourite chair. I also take a look at life as an expat and nomad, “ says Chris of the site he established in 2007.

Tea growing in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.
Tea growing in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

Passing Thru is by Betsy and Pete Wuebker.

“We’re full-time baby boomer travellers who have been location independent since 2011. Our mission is to help readers refine their bucket lists with information and inspiration, which we provide with story-telling and guidance. With close to 40 countries visited since our journey began, we’ve found the keys to happiness in a simplified, travel-centred life,” comments Betsy.

PointsandTravel.com is by Dr Cacinda Maloney and has been online since 2012.

“I have travelled every six weeks of my life for the last 25 years. I share my love of travel through my writings about soft adventure, cultural and luxury travel experiences. I love transformational travel that is rich in cultural experiences. Adventure by day, smart luxury by night!” comments Cacinda.

Rachel’s Ruminations is named after its founder Rachel Heller

It focuses on independent – often solo – travel with an emphasis on historical and cultural sights/sites. Rather than big, all-encompassing city or country guides, Rachel generally zooms in more narrowly, on the likes of one UNESCO site, a single experience, a museum or an archaeological site. The site is characterised by honest, intelligent descriptions and impressions.

Radically Ever After is a blog by Namita Kulkarni, who has been blogging regularly since 2014.

“It was ranked as one of the top five solo women travel blogs in India and one of the top 50 yoga blogs worldwide in 2017. I’m a Yoga teacher in India. I’ve been teaching yoga for about eight years now and travel blogging for about four years,” says Namita.

Shabbatical was launched by Quan and Jesse Golomb in August 2017.

“Epic road trips, high summits, and the road less travelled is what you can expect from Shabbatical,” says Jesse. The pair are on a break from their corporate careers and “celebrate each day as Shabbat,” which means exploring the many natural wonders around the world.

“Come for inspiration and tips for traveling to remote regions with beautiful landscapes including road trips on the dangerous Pamir Highway, across the steppes of the Gobi Desert, and the dunes of Namibia,” says Jesse of the site, where you can also find impressions of the Everest Base Camp and Mount Toubkal in Morocco.

Fresh oysters served in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Fresh oysters served in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Barefoot Nomad has been online since 2009.

“Follow along for expert travel tips, tech help, and inspiration for your family travel all in one helpful, quirky space. Oh, and a lot of talk about ice cream,” says blogger Micki Kosman.

The Little Den was launched by Gillian Denovan in 2016.

The Little Den focusses primarily on family travel both in France and in Europe. Gillian, a Francophile with a penchant for red wine, is the fingers and eyes behind The Little Den. She’s a Scottish expat blogger, mum of two, who’s been living in rural south-west France for the past five years. Gillian also loves to make the world her classroom and shares ideas as well as resources to encourage learning through travel for kids (and adults).

Travel Continuum, by Sara Dobak, has been online since February 2016.

Travel Continuum’s founder Sara describes it as “a travel blog with a sprinkle of stardust,” blending destinations, culture and sustainability with her love of all things astronomical.

“Wherever I am in the world, I’m not only discovering the sights, people and history of a place, I’m also exploring its astrotourism opportunities. From ancient observatories to stargazing safaris and spectacular eclipses, I encourage others to find that cosmic connection and bring it into their travel adventures, says Sara.

Corridors in the Residential Palace (Residenzschloss) in the city of Ludwigsburg in Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany.
Corridors in the Residential Palace (Residenzschloss) in the city of Ludwigsburg in Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany.

Travel for Difference was established in May 2016 by Kate Newman.

“Travel for Difference is a place that inspires travellers to explore the world in a sustainable manner, invites them to open their hearts to the people of this planet and face the reality of their undeniable privilege. It’s a space that encourages kindness, equality and a world of adventure and love! At Travel For Difference every travel experience is valuable, no matter how big or small. A place where caring for this earth and the people within it is the most important thing,” says Kate.

Travellers Archive was established by Anne Steinbach and Clemens Sehi in September 2017.

“Travellers Archive is a travel magazine that gives an honest impression of the world. Travel trends don’t interest us. We listen to local voices. We provide a genuine immersion into an unknown place. With journal articles, hand-picked guides and authentic stories that celebrate the multi-coloured variety of the world around us,” comments Anne.

If you have a travel blog or want to recommend other sites then drop MannedUp.com a line.

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